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Support Equipment

We have designed a door operator/opener that can be used on PVC roll up or overhead polycarbonate doors for the car wash environment.  They have been installed in both tunnel and in bay automatic sites.  


Basically there is a prox switch that detects the gear teeth and a variable frequency drive with an 'embedded' program that keeps track of the number of pulses.  A set point is entered into the VFD and when an open signal is recieved, the VFD runs the motor until it detects the number of pulses equal to the set point.  When closing, the VFD counts from the set point back to zero.  On the way down, another 'target' passes a sensor that is embedded in the track, which resets the count.   On every down operation, the door home position is 're-calibrated'


There is a proprietary algorithm in the VFD which does a staged deceleration so that we can use an inexpensive 3 phase motor and still achieve position accuracy like you would with a more expensive stepper type motor.  The 1st video below shows this in action. 


We choose a door track design that down not self reset itself- this increases the amount of wind loading the door can take.


All of the components are 'off the shelf'- 


  • 1/2 hp wash down duty 3 phase motor

  • 30-1 right angle gear box

  • hitachi wj200 variable frequency drive


The VFD can 'talk' to our tunnel or in by automatic controller by MODBUS communication protocol.  If there is an error, such as an overload or motor run on, or a drop in bay temp, you can get an email alert.


The sale price is or a single door for an 8x10 size.  This includes the pvc roll and track.   We recommend the Banner QX series of photo eyes for obstruction detection, which we can supply for an additional cost.


Item is built upon order placement- there is a 4 week leadtime.

Set and Forget Doors
Set and Forget Doors
Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis/Spot Free Rinse

Simple, Affordable, Reliable 


As with all DDI designs, our reverse osmosis for car wash spot free water production has been stripped of all the 'frills', but enhanced with features to make your life easier.  Our spot free water production system includes a mixed media prefiltration system that removes chlorine and particulate to 5 micron- all contained in an vessel equipped with automatic back flush.  This eliminates the need for expendable cartridges which must be changed out.


Low water sensor?  Lets face it..  Do you want your car wash shut down when the spot free rinse tank is a little low?  When the cars are lined up out to the street and the customers are DESPERATE to get that white stuff off their car, do they want to be turned away?    Sometimes reverse osmosis production cannot keep up with demand.  Maybe the membranes are getting a little old.  Maybe its just a really busy day.  We are optimists so we'll go with scenario number two.  What do we do to keep the system running?  We stick a hose in the storage tank and fill it up.  What happens?  We come in the next day to see the water running out the door cause we forgot to turn the hose off the night before.  Instead of a low water cut off, how about we tie the low float switch into a solenoid which opens and injects some softened water into the holding tank to keep things running?  The TDS levels will creep up a bit, but keep in mind the reverse osmosis production is still running so you get a mix of the two waters until production can catch back up.


"Oh, that part is old, its out of date, you're gonna have to buy a new one".   Making spot free rinse is a simple process- force the water under pressure through a membrane.  Now, here's the hard part.. store that water in a tank.   Were talking about taking clean softened water and making it cleaner, not taking the salt out of seawater to make drinking water for the desert.  Circuit boards and PLC controllers have their place, but they are really not needed here- its just more 'STUFF' to justify a higher equipment sales price and more 'STUFF' to sell you when it breaks down




  • Anodized, extruded aluminum frame

  • Flow meters for product and reject

  • In line TDS meter

  • 200 gallon storage tank

  • Product water level control

  • Chlorine and particulate removal with auto back flush

  • Truly plug and play installation

In Bay Dryers

DDI's in bay dryer is a great way to attract new customers and get your existing customers to spend more time.  Industry statistics show that this function has become the 2nd or 3rd most used in the self serve car wash bay.  Motorcyclists are almost guaranteed to use it.


With the proper signage, it will also increase the use of your wax and spot free cycles as well.  Our price of $1250 per bay includes stainless steel swing boom; In line, 3 tangential discharge motors; attention grabbing back lit plastic dome in your choice of color with 36 watt corn cob light; hose and nozzle assembly; sign.


Using 220 volt motors, the controls for the dryer can be mounted inside your existing pump motor control panel.  DDI can supply an installation kit consisting of a DIN rail mounted breaker and motor control relay for an additional cost of xx.  This eliminates the need to find additional panel space at your main breaker panel and simplifies wiring.

Support Equip Dryers
Support Equipment Dryers

We wanted to put variable frequency drives onto our existing dryers, but...


VFD's are expensive!


So, we had our own fans designed and built..  Lightweight aluminum design produces as much cfm with 7.5 HP as other's 15 HP!  Save on utilities and start your dryer the correct way, SOFTLY, with a variable frequency drive.


Price is per fan


We also make our own line of custom formulated, satisfaction guaranteed chemicals


You can see the fans in action with the video of the automatic we designed and built on our youtube page


10 and 15 hp models are also available. Download our brochure. 

Low Pressure Equip
Low Pressure Equipment

Adding a low pressure service to your bays is easy and affordable with Wash DDI cleaners are great services to feature at your self serve car wash. Our wall mount panels are easy to install and maintain, feature stainless steel construction, FloJet pumps, DEMA solenoids, and 506 Hydrominders. All boards can be sold with or without the accompanying in bay equipment.​

Custom Built Pressure Washer
Custom Built Pressure Washer

This product includes:


  • Extruded aluminum frame

  • 4 gallon per minute, 4000 psi AR pump with direct drive

  • Motor starter relay with overload

  • 25' hose

  • non weep trigger gun, wand and spray tip

  • flow activation switch

  • bypass regulator

  • 5 gallons All Clean all purpose cleaner/degreaser

The pumps motor is activated by squeezing the trigger.  Let go of the trigger and the motor stops.  NO more burnt up seals from the challenged among us letting the pump run for hours on end in a dead head


Other available options-


  • Hose reel

  • Swing boom

  • Chemical injection

  • Wireless remote control

  • More HP

Great for car wash prep gun, car dealer, car detailer, boats, quads, campers 



All Clean Used on set Hydraulic Without Scrubbing, Heat or Pressure

Tire Shine Applicator
Tire Shine Applicator

This tire shine applicator is designed to be mounted on the outside of the equipment room wall of a self service car wash.  This sale includes the coinbox and trigger gun brush pictured.   It also includes a mechanical coin acceptor, Pyramid bill acceptor, 110 vac diaphragm pump, air regulator, solenoid valve and time delay relay.  The pump and relays are mounted inside the equipment room.  A swing boom is not included in the sale, but recommended.  1 gallon of solvent based tire shine is also included.


The wash enable signal from the timer activates the cycle- an air solenoid turns on and compressed air is directed out thru the trigger gun.  The time delay relay turns on the diaphragm pump for  1 second every 30 seconds.  The pump is self priming so it draws the chemical up and injects it into the trigger gun line- the constant flow of compressed air mists it onto the tire.  This application methods controls volume very consistently- cost per 4 min cycle is about $.40 and is sold for $2.


A free standing version with its own compressor for air source is $2850


An in bay verision is also available which would include-


1 electric diaphragm pump

Air regulator


1 Air solenoid for each bay

1 liquid solenoid for each bay

1 timer relay

1 swing boom/hose trigger assembly

1 pictorial instruction sign


 $250 for a base unit, and $500 per bay for the other stuff


Check out our store we will have lots of other car wash stuff, click save this seller and you will get regular updates on our new stuff

High Pressure Side Blaster
High Pressure Side Blaster

We build these to order.  Pair of stainless steel  high pressure manifolds including 4 Blastec brand rotary turbo style nozzles.  Nozzles sized/speced according to your pump size.  High pressure pump not included.  We can supply the appropriate pumping stands- new or used/refurbished.  You must supply high pressure hose to the feed and manifold joint


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