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This product includes:


  • Extruded aluminum frame

  • 4 gallon per minute, 4000 psi AR pump with direct drive

  • Motor starter relay with overload

  • 25' hose

  • non weep trigger gun, wand and spray tip

  • flow activation switch

  • bypass regulator

  • 5 gallons All Clean all purpose cleaner/degreaser

The pumps motor is activated by squeezing the trigger.  Let go of the trigger and the motor stops.  NO more burnt up seals from the challenged among us letting the pump run for hours on end in a dead head


Other available options-


  • Hose reel

  • Swing boom

  • Chemical injection

  • Wireless remote control

  • More HP

Great for car wash prep gun, car dealer, car detailer, boats, quads, campers 



All Clean Used on set Hydraulic Without Scrubbing, Heat or Pressure

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