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Coin Operated

Economy Stack

Modular space saving cost effective pump stand. Stainless steel plumbing, easy to service. 

Smart Pressure Equipment

SMART PRESSURE - Patent pending

DOSATRON chemical Injection-Provides precise control over chemical! dilution. All functions are delivered with city water pressure to the pump, smoothing operation & eliminating problems associated with induction (cavitation).

Uses PLC, VFD and analog pressure transducer to deliver exact RPM needed for the set pressure. Reduces power consumption by 10% at full psi and 65%, when trigger is not squeezed.

VFD-variable frequency drive controls the rpm of the motor & pump pressure. Reduced rpm increases pump life span. Enables.

TANKLESS hot water system - injected directly into inlet of pump. Near instant delivery of hot water to the bay.

MULTIPLE PRESSURE - any function can be delivered at high, low, or medium pressure. 


SPOT FREE - delivered thru high pressure pump. No need for a separate delivery pump. 


ALL STAINLESS or PLASTIC components - chemical resistant. 


INTERNET BASED ACCESS is optional for reporting and wash control, which can give a free wash from your smart phone.

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