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Meet Robowash the simplest most cost effective car wash on the market today! We’ve taken 20 years of frustration in operating and maintaining touch free automatics, and decided all that really needs to happen is apply the correct chemicals at the correct concentration, then rinse them off.. If your tired of overpriced, proprietary replacement parts, equipment that is difficult to service, and frequent failures resulting in multiple visits from service techs who throw parts at the problem, then you will love Robowash! All parts are off the shelf, all components are easy to get to, and the wash operation is so simple, nothing can go wrong.

Wall Mount Framing System

25 hp Pump and Motor &VFD Controls

Photo Eye Entry System


2 Step Presoak


Triple Foam

On Board Wheel Chemical Applicator

Sign Package

Internet Remote Access/Fault Alerts

Spot Free Rinse Delivery

RO Reject Recovery

VFD Dryer Controls

Belt Drive Gantry and Trolley



Internet Reporting


3 7.5 HP High Efficiency Fans

Free Standing Frame

PVC Roll Up Doors

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